Beyond Techniques


Welcome to Wing Chun Kung-fu for Self-Defense home page.  Enjoy your visit!  

There are probably many different reasons that brought you to this website.  You may be curious about what Wing Chun Kung-fu is all about, or you may be a  practitioner of other forms of martial arts and wish to supplement your existing skills with the fascinating trapping method based on “Chi-Sao," the "Sticking Hand."  You may be an accomplished Wing Chun practitioner wanting to find out what makes us different, or you may even be a novice who have always wanted to learn the entire Wing Chun Kung-fu system.  Whatever your reasons are and whatever your current level may be, you WILL benefit greatly from our classes. We take a very unique and innovative approach to Wing Chun Kung-fu training.  We don't teach our students "techniques".  Instead, they are taught the principles and concepts of human movements.  They learn to think "dimensionally."  We believe this method is much more efficient and effective. It goes beyond merely learning offensive and defensive "techniques."